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Reversal of Redemption


How far would you go to undo a financial mess created by your bank? Imagine that bank is the nation's federal reserve!

Jason  Gregg found something amiss when he received an unexpected windfall  from an unknown philanthropist. He did his research, held his breath,  and cashed in his chips, only to have it all taken back. Enter an  ambulance chaser, a wealthy financier and a sinister force out to steal  and sell to the highest bidder! The Opposition smells a rat and signals  the end is nigh for the government in power. Back-room deals are  brokered based on the fact that no one can ever discover the truth.

Reversal of Redemption is based on an actual event and delivers a solid punch to the reader with every chapter.

ISBN: 978-0-9869492-0-3                         

Templar Odyssey


Wayward Monticello tourist Jason Gregg's determination to retrieve a valued keepsake unveils a centuries-old State secret, placing Jason in the cross hairs of the FBI, the CIA and the Vatican. In the early morning hours of Friday, October 13, 1307, the wrath of  French king, Philip IV, rains down upon the Knights Templar. Jacques de  Molay's doomsday scenario is executed as the ultimate coup-de-grâce against Philip, leaving Philip financially and morally bankrupt. The  great Templar fleet of 18 ships sets sail for parts unknown, as each  captain has a different set of instructions. Those on-board the Falcon  learn the ultimate truth that is enough to cause each of them to pass  out from a shock so unimaginable that it takes hundreds of years to be  revealed, until intrepid adventurer Jason Gregg's impeccable timing and  daring attempt to retrieve a valued keepsake, a U.S. silver dollar,  ignites a deadly international hunt to keep the secret from being exposed.

ISBN: 9780986949210                         

Templar Fire


The Templar mission continues where Templar Odyssey leaves off.

Back  in 1314, Templar Grand Master Jacques de Molay is facing the fiery pyre  of death. As he succumbs to the smoke and flames, his Templar Grand  Master legacy is transferred to the next Grand Master, through a mysterious and unknown process.

Only when former U.S. Vice-president Randall James Winthrop III disappears does the Templar  fire ignite the hearts of Jason and Tori Gregg, as they are called upon to help save humanity.


ISBN: 9780986949234 

Other Novels

Waiting for Closure

Agatha Radnik's increasingly erratic behaviour is forcing her eldest  daughter, Jaime Elsnor, to move her mother into long-term care, at Maple  Hill Manor, an old monastery with a hideous past. Jaime is slowly going  under financially, and everyone involved is working feverishly to keep  it that way.

ISBN: 978-0-9869492-2-7                         


Jason Gregg awakes with a start - his heart is pounding, and he is  sweating profusely. A series of cascading déjà vus is giving Jason a  glimpse into the near future of events about to happen, but how can he  know this?

The Republicans and Democrats are choosing their  respective presumptive nominees for the coming election, with California  governor Mitch Hepburn firmly in control with his eyes on the prize.  He's got a lock on the California primary and the White House coronation  awaits. But can events thousands of miles away change the outcome, and  the future of humanity?

 ISBN: 9780986949241 


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